All Christian art displayed on this web are available as desktop backgrounds and projector slides. The size of each image is 1024 pixels on the longest side. Larger images are available on request.
The images may be downloaded free of charge on the following conditions:
1. They may not be re-distributed via another web site or by any other means.
2. They may not be used for commercial purposes.
3. They may not be sold.
4. They may not be altered.
5. The copyright information may not be removed.
Your feedback will be appreciated.
A more complete gallery (English only is available at: Christian backgrounds
Click left on a link below to view or click right and choose "save as" to download an image.
luk-12v28 Afrikaans English
mat-24v30 Afrikaans English
mat-4v22 Afrikaans English
jes-54v10 Afrikaans English
psalm-121v1en2 Afrikaans English
pro-22v5 Afrikaans English
luk 3v9 Afrikaans English
mat 6v26 Afrikaans English
mat 4v19 Afrikaans English